Computer repair

We can help you with any problem big or small!

Total Care

Cloudy Serve Total Care gives you the peace of mind knowing that your computer is protected 24 hours a day 7 days a week any time.
Our Total care plan covers anything you could possibly need help with for a duration of 30 days
Unlimited virus removal
Unlimited software installation & removal
Unlimited PC Tune ups this helps make your PC Run faster & more efficiently
We cover anything you might possibly need help with all for one low monthly price.
All plans include free anti virus services & software to help protect your pc.
Your plan is valid for 30 days & no contracts, so your free to start or stop services
anytime you want.
With Cloudy Serve Total Care,your in good hands!

  • Your plan includes the following
Web Design

With our Internet Hosting, you automatically get access to more than 4,000 templates.
But maybe you are still unsure what the best look & feel should be for your business or product.
Let us help!
Custom Web Solutions are just one consultation away.
Custom Websites begin with a Flexible start-up cost of $ 75.00 per website.
Contact us for a custom quote for free
And with a low consultation rate of free!, we can typically design a site for you at a pace of 1 to 2 hours per page.
Cloudy Serve can develop a site that is like no other and specially designed just for you!
All web designs are backed with marketing logic, service expertise and business consulting that is sure to please you… but moreover will be functional for your users/customers in mind.
The biggest obstacle people have in doing DIY Web Design is coming up with a concept that reflects the business mission and goals but is functional to users.
It doesn’t matter how much it reflects the personal style or opinion of a business owner if the users don’t ever use it.
Let us guide you on the path to Custom Web Design.
Contact Us and for a no obligation consultation.
Think outside the box without having to staff the project.
Many times companies need help but don’t have the man power or hours to get it started.
Take a look at some of the services we have offered companies, just like you, to get the job done
We can help with many administrative services at a fraction of the cost over staffing the job internally.

Hardware Repair

Network cards
Have a problem with your wireless or ethernet card?
We can help you fix it!
Hard drives
Rather you have a failing hard drive or need it replaced we can help you with your hard drive replacement or repair needs.
Over heating
Over heating & shutting down?
We can help you diagnose & repair your over heating pc!
We can help you with your pc cooling needs.
Rather you need a new air or water cooled pump or fan we got you covered on repairs & cleaning.
Mother boards
We can help you diagnose repair or replace your mother board.
Internal cleaning
We can help you clean your pc inside and out and make it free of dust & debris.
Want custom lighting for your pc?
We have you covered from fans to RGB Lights.
Power supply
We can help you diagnose & replace power supply units.
Custom builds
Need a custom built pc?
We can help you build a pc tailored to your needs rather ti be business or gaming we can do it!
CD/DVD Drives
We can help you repair or replace a dvd/cd drive on laptop or pc.
Need a ram update?
We can help you repair or replace your ram/memory & diagnose memory errors.
Graphics Card
We can help you find repair & install a graphics card best suited for your needs.
*Please note this fee is for service of current products, you may be invoiced separately for additional hardware we need to purchase on your behalf.
Please contact us for custom build quotes


Computer software repairs include
Blue screen of death
Windows OS Installation/Repairs
Virus, malware, or spyware removal
Data recovery, recovering deleted media, pictures, videos, documents, music, etc.
Tune up, improving speed and performance
We sell software disks

PC Tuneup

PC-Tune up
Is your computer running slow but you don’t have any idea what’s causing it?
Are you getting frustrated with how your computer is not getting up to speed with your needs?
That can really be a problem.
You don’t have to worry, help is on the way.
We, at Cloudy Serve are skilled experts capable of helping you solve this problem immediately.
Tune-up your PC
At Cloudy Serve, we offer round the clock service for your computer needs.
Any time of the day, even after working hours, we are just a phone call away.
Our experts are very patient when it comes to helping users fix the problem with their slow computers because they understand that it can be quite a frustrating situation for the users.
Great news!
You don’t have to go anywhere else for technical support.
We will provide support remotely so you wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of your couch.
Slow PC performance can be brought on by a lot of reasons.
It may be due to a virus or an installed application in your computer.
Cloudy Serve has the resources to diagnose, identify the problem, and fix the problem for you.

After our experts fix your problem, they will make sure you are protected from future threats.
Having your system tuned up will improve speed and reliability, making your PC’s overall performance much better.

Diagnose and Improve Computer Performance
PC Performance Optimization
Check Windows updates and Optimize Windows
Improve Computer Speed and Reliability
Ensure Computer Protection and Security

  • Take a look at what our PC optimization services include
Virus Removal

Virus Removal
With Cloudy Serve our security expert can remotely access your PC and clean it of all viruses, spyware and any other threats or annoying programs hiding in your PC while you watch their every move, in real time.

Instant - Security experts are available 24x7 to eliminate viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits and other malware from your PC.
Remote - You can sit back and relax while the complete service is delivered remotely via an Internet connection to your home.

Intelligent - Receive security advice from Cloudy Serve, who will show you how to receive regular security updates for commonly used applications.
This will help you avoid future malware problems.