As some of you might know we have recently made a move to a new server which took longer then expected due to some problems with our internet providers.
How ever we have made a big change that we did not make public yet, let's take a look at some of the things we have done!
We have moved from direct admin to cpanel making the customer experience more easy.
We have enabled free ssl
We have enabled cloud flare services for all accounts
We have changed our plans & prices to offer 2 plans
 Unlimited everything now for $5.99 per month with unlimited everything & 24 hour support & softaculous auto script installer
 Free hosting limited options but still stand behind our promises!
We have added community forums located here
The community forums is a place where all of our customers & visitors can come & have casual conversations
Added a new facebook group for custom pc enthusiast in florida
Added christian radio station to
Coming next is an updated directory page where you can find all of our links!
We have many more plans coming but for now this is what we have going!
We have so much planned through out the year.
Thank you for choosing to follow & stay with us!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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